Google News Approval - How to get get approved into Google News

Things to do:

1- Minimize your Ads max 1- 2 per page.

2- Focus on one category. (Focus on local news. You can add multiple categories, but my advice is to work on one category. Ratio should be 9:1. 9 local News and one News related to other categories)

3- Authors and publication dates should be visible on all post’s and on front page.

4- Add Privacy Policy, Editorial Policies, Advertising Policy, About Us and other pages to your primary menu and footer menu.

-> Remember, these are the pages that will be visited by Google team.

5- No Fake News and don’t use Aggregated News.

6- Create all Social Profiles and link them to your website.

7- Hosting should be good.

8- Articles length should be 150-300 word’s unique articles, no spin content. Spin or copied content are not reliable and Google will sense it.

9- While submitting, submit only for the category for which you are creating 90% articles.

10- Before submitting remember to verify your website to Google Search Console add Google Analytics code to your site and add proper redirects to your broken links.

11- Remove all sitemaps and add only “news-sitemap.xml”

These are the basics I have shared here that will increase your chances of getting approval by 98% and 2% is your luck.



@markbmedia tips for you!

Thank you @sai542 !!!

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Any risk in getting approved for Google news if our news are aggregated from others?

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if its aggregated its unlikely… on a side note if you are looking for more news sources PM me as i run a load of sites.

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do share them as lot of people don’t know.

the review process is manual and there are little chances that you get away with that.


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