Gray Verified Service Available in Low rate (100$)

Service type: Gray Verified Service
Price: 100$

Description: Gray verified service available in low rate and less time :slight_smile: Inbox me for more

I’ve always wondered: what’s the difference between gray and blue verification? I’ve only seen gray in 1 instance, but I never knew the difference.

Gray verified in which platform? Please be more specific.

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Gray verified service for FB or IG ?

Is it for instagram? And are you willing to use Swapd escrow?

IG is always blue…?


Everyone check your inbox. :heart:
and this service only in “Facebook”

PM me mate, I think I’m interested

We’re sorry, but we believe this service violates our Unique Service section rules, so we have to close this listing.

For more information on what we consider a unique service please visit the following link:

Thank you for understanding and thank you for using SWAPD.