Great prices on OpenSea verification // First 3 orders discounted

Hey, new seller on Swapd.

Looking to get some guaranteed OpenSea verifications done for people.
Since it’s my first time doing verifications here on Swapd, first 3 verifications are done with a 50% discount.

I offer verifications for Opensea.

Opensea Verification is mainly done for collections and in some cases also personal profiles, ask for a quote.

$20k + fees - TAT 2 weeks or less. FIRST 3 ORDERS ARE $10k + fees.
Requirements: At least 100ETH volume traded in collection.

Yes, it is known to us that it’s possible to get verified for free by OpenSea once you reach 100ETH+ volume, but with many of them waiting months without any result, we know the demand for the service is there. Skip the long wait by using us.

verifications for 100eth volume are free :joy:


I understand, but they do not always go through as you probably already know.
Hence why we offer our services, for guaranteed successful verification.

They might be delayed , you need to hit their forums , socials etc
20k is too much for something that is free and just requires some back and forth

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We’ve done multiple verifications for collections that just did not get verified even though they tried everything you mentioned. We are also able to do personal profiles in some cases, just ask if any interest occurs.

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