Guaranteed 24-48h Twitter Verification (No Qualifications needed)

I’m proud to announce that I am offering guaranteed Twitter verifications. No qualifications needed.

Just a few requirements:

  1. Personal accounts only
  2. Have over 1k followers
  3. Have the verification request option available in your profile
  4. I will need access to your Twitter account

I have successfully verified many accounts outside of SWAPD in the last few weeks so I’ve decided to start offering it here.

First couple of buyers will only be 4.5k !! Get your Twitter verified while you can.


Good deal best of luck with sales

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I can be the first one if you do a discount for me !

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Dm me your username, I’ll do the first order at 3.5k. First to start a checkout with me


In what category?
Is it for any region?

I responded to your pm,

2 tickets have been started !

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Hi mate category will it be? And is there any chance I will lose my account? Very interested

I p’md you

Sent you dm thanks

dm you

Messaged you regarding this.

Sorry for the delayed responses. I’ve had a lot of inquiries come in. I’ll get back to everyone shortly!

Sent you a message, looking forward to hopefully working together :slight_smile:

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I currently have too many open tickets, as soon as I finish some up I’ll start accepting more!

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No worries just want to see if mine is eligible and if it is I’ll wait for you to be able to accept me :slight_smile:

Pmed you

Let me know when you are accepting new ones :slight_smile:

And thanks bro !

:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2:

Hi, Please let me know when this is open again and I would like to submit a twitter profile and see if you can get it verified. Also, what category the verification will be?

Let me know when is open again please !!!