GUARANTEED Instagram Username/Verified Name Changes & Verification for Media Entities (Musicians, DJs, Public Figures, Record Labels)

Service for Music/Media/Entertainment Entities ONLY: Musicians, DJs, Public Figures, Music Companies, Record Labels

All requests are submitted directly via my Meta POC or Premier Partner channels.

Username Change & Legacy Verified Username Change Eligibility Criteria:

  • Handles must be 6 or more characters in length.

  • Only non-generic handles are accepted.

  • The handle must have been inactive for over a year.

  • Only genuine cases related to media public figures or the music industry will be considered.

  • The account must be legitimate, active, and not a newly created placeholder.


  • Current Handle

  • Desired Handle

  • Email Associated to the Account

  • If you own both accounts, both emails associated.

Verification Requirements

  • URL of the account that needs to be verified
  • Other verified social media accounts (If any)
  • Notable PR (max 5-7)

If you have submitted a request within the app in the last 30 days, please indicate if it is finalized.

Additional PR services to help with verification eligibility are available upon request.

Pricing & Details

Starting at $1,500 USD.
TAT - 0-7 Days

Please only reach out if your request meets the criteria outlined above. Thank you!


Press ?

All included!

I really like your confident here bro , but dont you think 10k is a lot for tiktok verification , unless you are publishing super high quality press ? may i know what press you create and verify under it ?

Good luck bro


Claimed a IG handle for me very quickly, thanks! :star2:

Pleasure working with you!