GUARANTEED TikTok Claims & Verification - Get Pretty Much Anything!


Hello SWAPD!

Offering this TikTok service as I want to give everyone to chance to grab their desired name or get verified before this becomes too hard in the future. I am the fastest on SWAPD and have done tons of sales offsite.

Usually takes 24-72 hours for turn around. Doesn’t matter about country as we have reps and connections scattered all around the globe. If you need any assistance I’m just a message away and will assist as best as possible.

Tiktok is one of the biggest platforms at the moment with just over 1b downloads. Some say this will rival Instagram in the future. So why not secure your designed name or request before mass adoption?


  • Verification for your for personal, creator or brand: $1000-2000 + SWAPD fees
  • Username claim: $1000-3000 + SWAPD fees

Could arrange deals for bulk orders. Message me to see if you are eligible.

Whats needed for TikTok Verification:

You’re already verified on other platforms (fb, insta, YouTube ect) or have over 1M followers across other platforms. Must be under the same name.

Whats needed for TikTok Name Claims:

  • Link your matching YouTube/Instagram handle to your account. Let me know what name you want this can be for brands, creators, artists ect (MUST MATCH YOUR YOUTUBE OR INSTAGRAM HANDLE)
  • Must be a few months (8 months or more) or years inactive. If the username is active - might be possible but this will be at TikTok decision. Generally if you have a big audience you will be to grab it easily.

Could potentially claim names that you don’t have a pair with but this will be priced more. Message me if you are interested in this.


  • Bitcoin (Preferred)
    *Transferwise (Preferred)

Any questions let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t miss the boat on this one!


Can you claim 2 char usernames?

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If you have matching pair then yes


Just claimed an OG name and did verification in under 24 hours. Who’s next?

Bump. Let’s get some sales!


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opps sorry

Another successful sale. Who’s next?

Another one done!

He has warned you.


bump, taking more orders!

Taking more orders. Last one was done in 6 hours!


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Another one done!

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bump, taking more orders

bump, fastest and most reliable