Guide - How to claim your Desired Instagram Usernames

Hi all,

I’m excited to share my guide on how to claim Instagram usernames without unneccesarry headaches such as buying sketchy media portals that will be deleted after few requests or working as a re-seller for someone.

I’ve been providing Instagram username claims as a service for years, both on and off site with great success & reviews from happy clients. As you can see here:

I have used every method possible to have usernames claimed, and on this guide I’ll be providing one of the methods I use to claim usernames for business & theme acconts - that has proven to be stable, offer long-term availability with minimal chances of it being patched.

$3.5K for the first 5 buyers on-site.
Once I have completed tickets with 5 buyers, I will temporarily pause this mentoring service and focus on mentoring the current clients. The service will resume once clients have successfully claimed their usernames and completely understand the method.

Few notes:

  • This guide is not a magic solution for obtaining any desired username instantly. It requires effort, guidance and willingness to learn from trial and error.

  • If you’re a potential buyer and would like to test this guide prior to purchasing, I am more than happy to do a test claim for you and have you watch and see the process in real time, before you start doing it by yourself.

  • Ticket will stay open for a 7 days grace period.

For any additional questions, my DMs are open. :slight_smile:


Good luck with sales! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Pitbull has done several IG claims for me back in the day. Super sweet guy to deal with!

GLWS! :rocket:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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How much time it takes to claim an username with your method? If it takes mkre than 7 days then grace period can’t help a buyer.

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Can take anywhere between 1-7 days from the moment you submit. Usually you get a response in 48 hours though.

Also, this is the exact reason I offer this:

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Please send me this guide

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