[Guide]- How to earn $35,000 from FB Reels in a month (Mentorship by Fahad) - Facebook Reels Bonus


Facebook is doling out as much as $35,000 a month to eligible creators to make content on Reels

This Bonus Programme has been going on for over a last year on almost all of the facebook’s Monetization features; Stars, Instream Ads, Fan Subscriptions or Reels.

Now you can easily earn around $35,000 within a month from Facebook Reels Bonus Program

So to start from start, first of all, you need a few things to get started on this:

  1. Facebook pages with Reels Option on them


  1. You need to be in the eligible country for reels, if not, then please use the RDP ( Remote Dekstop Connection )


So let the process begin.

You need to have atleast 5 to 10 Reels Options Enabled pages – so you have the higher chances of getting invited to reel bonus. – keep them admin in the USA / UK ( or any eligible country’s id ) — Remove all other admins.

Once you have the pages ready, change their categories to Video Creator – and start posting reels on the page. – You need to post atleast 5 or 6 videos on Facebook Reels - Make sure you record / face-cam the videos and all this process should be done by USA id.

Once you start posting reels on your page, share those reels in other pages to get 2k 3k regular views on those videos.

Repeast the same process [5 reels videos post + share] for 5 to 6 days and hopefully you will be invited to Reel bonus program.


so now let’s say we’re invited to the bonus program or we already have an enabled bonus page. How do we earn from it?

To earn reel from reels bonus, there are a several ways to get more views and make your videos viral.

  1. Facebook Ads / Promotions via sponsored ads
  2. Bulk Public group sharing
  3. Cross Promotions on other pages

So, to simplify the process I’ll break down the steps.

Get reels bonus invited to your page >>>> Setup payout >>>> post 5 6 face cam videos ( RECORDED FROM FACEBOOK REELS VIA FB APP ) >>>> Go to YouTube Shorts, find viral videos with over 1M+ views, download & reupload on your page as Reel >>>> promote the videos.

To promote the content, and to get organic reach, views & likes Setup Facebook Ads Campaigns using girls pics as thumbnails, select the audience india, mexico, indonesia, Philippines to get the cheaper likes. — using this way your videos will have more chances to go viral + they will get organic response.

Once you’ve posted the reels, setup bulk fb ids via multiple login of Chrome / Firefox users – join public groups with big audience and share the reels

OR buy the shares from panels / shares providers.

Share the reels on your other facebook pages.


The reel page should be kept admin in USA / UK or any eligible country id
The reels should be posted from eligible ids.
your reels need to get atleast 5k 7k views for facebook to consider you for invitation.


Rules and eligibility

By participating in the Reels summer bonus programme, you’ll earn money directly from Instagram. You’ll earn the bonus as follows:

  • Once the Reels bonus becomes available to you, you have 30 days to choose to [ Get Started
  • Once you get started, you have 30 days to earn the bonus.
  • During that period, you may choose as many reels as you’d like to count towards your bonus earnings.
  • You’ll earn money based on the performance of your reel.
    Note : If you permanently delete a reel, you may not get credit for the plays that reel received.

Some Useful Links:


@porcupine :joy: :joy: :joy:

Sorry i’m confused, In the screenshot at the top it says the offer expired on the 10th, and under “earn money” it says “until 2022”…so is this old ??

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Hey, the screenshot on the top is of the different page that I took from google.

The earnings one is my own page.
Every page has 1 month time till you setup payout and get started.

The invites have limited time aswell.

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Ahhhh got you. Thank you for replying. Do IG Reels that are shared to facebook count towards this??

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By shared i mean how Instagram will automatically upload the reel to whatever page is connected.

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Yeah, if you select it to do so.

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Thanks for your reply ! I have a few questions but i don’t want to blow up your thread with them. Can i dm you? or would i need to do a consultation ?

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Hi thanks for this amazing Guide, I dont live in eligible country so I use RDP, but now I have only desktop version and I dont know how to post reels with desktop version, what can I do? Thanks :pray:

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Hi, I wish you all the best snd I hope you get success.
For rdp dekstop version, download blue stacks emulator in the rdp or get a paid vpn for your mobile and use it.

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Hey do you know or have seen if they’re doing bonuses into March or if February 22nd is the last one?

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hey, this is going to be running this whole year

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I’m from ph bro i dont have budget in rdp can i use paid VPN to get invited?

Hi, when I go to https://www.facebook.com/creators/programs/bonuses it shows some pages are “Eligible” Some " Not eligible " and two pages are " Approved " but when I go to creator studio I don’t see the bonuses program, I haven’t posted any video reels yet in these pages that I got " Approved ", the profile is from the US.

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Any advice on how to get an IG page with reels bonus?

Wondering the same! Did you find out?