Has anyone ever got back FB Adbreak Monetization?

So another day another large page demonetized by fb for next to no reason.

My question is, has anyone ever got monetization back? I’ve tried appealing and we all know that’s a waste of time. But I’ve gone from having like 14 pages with Ad breaks to like 3.

Im trying to enable adbrekas again for 10 months with many solutions but there is no results bro. If you have something to do in future to solve this problem contact me.

I’ve had pages that just never come back on monetization, wiped all the posts from the page still can’t escape ‘restricted monetization’.

Got back for a page yesterday.
With the same method i posted on @SwMember 's posts

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Could you link me to the method mate? Swmembers profile on swapd his hidden so cant find the post :slight_smile:

Brother, to remove limited Originality & Monetisation issues from adbreaks.

Delete all the pics from page which is un-original, have logo of some other page, contain words like as* , pu$$y, sh**, se* etc.

Delete atleast 3 weeks of your posts from the page.

Goto the Monetisation tab, request appeal for a review. And send appeal.

I got mine back within 8 hours, @sdj10 got his adbreaks few minutes ago, after 6 months.
@sonny have got his adbreak back alot of times with the same thing above. You will too, good luck.

@Helsid77 I’ve got the female feed page back with the same method. Try it.


I did it bro , removed all photos,videos, also i created a new profile and cover photo but the answer was same like before. Maybe i have lifetime ban i don’t know or just i have no luck.

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Urgh i was hit with this recently on a page which licenses all its content. I submitted an appeal but wasnt fast enough to write a reply with proof, so my appeal was rejected. How long before I can appeal again? Is it really going to be 3 months?