Help for Remove Disabled Facebook Business Manager From Verified Page Owner

Hi guys

i have an verified facebook page for sale with an business manager account which has been disabled and there is no access to business manager and the admin of the business manager.

i want to remove this business manager from the page owner and tried every forms and help tutorials but doesn’t work except live clients support chat or media support portal to request for this BM removal from my verified page

i would like to sale my verified page but until i remove this BM from my page , i’m not able to sale on Swapd and doesn’t accept through swapd policy

so if anyone who has access to live client support chat or media portal whom can help me to remove this BM from my verified page for free ( or get paid after i sold this page in 1-2 days ) or discount or sale price for him if he liked to buy the page or any other offer that we can deal , please let me know