Help Please.. Page Turning Yellow with Limited originality warning on original content


I created my own content, created new page, grow it to 10K + ( USA )… Before I even signed up, it has Limited originality issue and can’t sign up… I haven’t uploaded a single video that isn’t original and never posted before… I even put videos of behind the scene and pictures of the tools etc I made… sent appeal and still got rejected…

as I mentioned, all content are 100% original, my own, never posted before… I did the same thing again and run into the same issue ( ofcourse with different content ) … Any idea how do I get my page approve without wasting 1000, 1500$ with no result…

Any help, ideas, sugguestions…

Thank you

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I also need help with this so im going to leave a comment lol

Dont use back ground music to any videos that can cause partially claim.