Help! Restore Permantely Suspended Twitter Account

Hi all,

Twitter permantely suspened may account for rule violations but I dont know what I violated. I appealed and they said it will stay permantely deleted. Can anybody help me restore it somehow?? Please?

If Twitter denied your support emails, you won’t get them back without some extra help (plug). Unless you just keep emailing them over and over again, I’ve heard sometimes people got lucky that way, but it’s a loooong process.

Wow :pensive::pensive: That really sucks. I dont even know what I did or what happened.

My Twitter account got recently suspended because “Their system detected that I wasn’t over 13 when I registered the account.” But yet, I am 38. I was 13 waaay before was even registered. However, I was able to get it restored after a few days emailing the support. I am just telling you this so you know that accounts get unfairly get deleted all the time.

Ive emailed them twice and I still keep getting the dame automated message back again. Should I keep trying?