Hi I have problem with Instagram account. Help please

I have a problem with the account, I got some account and after some time Instagram shows this. I tried everything but nothing working, I don’t get code to email. I try via web version, reset password everything but nothing working. If someone have a solution for this problem I will be thankfull

If you own the gmail then nothing to worry, you will receive mail sooner or later :slight_smile:

I have email, but dont sure is this because have some simillar that I forget.

Without the access to email, you can try to recover the account with singup email

I tryed that also
I click also secure account but nothing it is same
Account is not disbaled it is still showing on instagram

Click get help signing in,
Then enter the username
Then click need more help there you will get a form to reocer the account using singup email

I write support but I will try this also
Thank you brother
I will update you if it is worked

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Thank you for help
I find some solution and it is worked

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Go recover account
Dont type username type phone or email and just follow steps and it will be fixed.