Hidden Fanpage admin trick! If you recently purchased a Fanpage, please read

We have been recently notified that one of our transactions went south because there was a hidden admin on staff. While this wasn’t proven, and the buyer/seller stories don’t check out at all, they claim that there is a way of hiding an admin on a Facebook Fanpage.

I am not sure if there is a method of doing it now, but just two years ago this was possible, so I want to alert everyone and let them know how to secure their pages. And just how did the hidden admin trick work two years ago? What you would do is send an admin invite to an email address NOT registered with Facebook. New owners don’t see pending invites. When the transfer of ownership was done, the pending email address simply needed to register on Facebook. Once they’ve done so, all that was needed is to accept the invite and the page was theirs.

As far as we’re aware, this method was patched. But Facebook is Facebook, and I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a new method out. So, if you recently purchased a Facebook fanpage, we highly recommend adding a Page Owner to the page. You cannot remove or replace a Page Owner, this is why it’s the best way of securing a page. We will also make changes to our transfer instructions so people can adequately secure their new pages.

If any of our members know anything about this supposed new hidden admin trick, we would love to hear about it.


hi swapd i know the trick , and im happy to tell you everyone what happened to me and how to prevent this . so we all know that when we put page owner nobody can take our page well if you have even page owner and u add someone as admin he will put location in your page and after 7 days he will be able to take your page also when he puts location he will have the instant power to rename your page immediatly , so what i suggest to prevent when this happens to you is to merge the page immediatly to a 0 like page and the location button will be removed from the page also the hidden admin ! thanks if you have any more questions im happy to help :slight_smile:


@ionilonce could you please tell me. what to do in this case when user not able to merge due to 7 days ristriction on that new admin… please guide for that senario.


I don’t understand, there is no hidden admin trick in your description. Unless I don’t understand your train of thought. Please explain again, where does the admin reappear?

What we are talking about is:

  1. Add new admin, we will call him admin #1
  2. We remove all other admins (previous owner), we will call him admin #2
  3. Only admin #1 is left on the page.
  4. A few days later, admin #2 is back on the page, without being added by anyone.

We want to know how that happens.

listen the admin who sold the page have added locations on the page before so when he remove owner it doesent matter because the locations are there before , locations are the same as the bussines manager !

Are you talking about Facebook detecting New admin under a not registered login location so old owner can get it back from a suspicious login fb email?

But if we add a Page Owner before this location trick, then can the page be taken back via a merge? I tested merging in the past and I wasn’t able to take a page this way, as the Page Owner still remained.

I believe he is talking about this: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/facebook-locations

did u got my message that i replied

yes if you add before page owner before location trick u can take back the pag easy

Ok, so the page could be registered as a location store (chainstores/franchise). This could be a issue.

But you need to be a page owner to add it in the first place, correct? When page owners change, this is no longer a problem, yes?

you are correct

So then to make a transfer secure, we just make sure the buyer makes himself a Page Owner. When that happens, the old Page Owner settings no longer apply, yes? You’ve said something about merging a page with a new one. Is this necessary?

listen , when you guys check the fanpage if everything is ok the only thing u need to check is that if the fanapge has locations on , if you see that button on the fanpage immediatly cancel the deal and tell the person to remove it and the owner also , what im saying here is that if the page has location’s button in the page just know that the deal will be broken because thats a scamm from the guy who sells the fanapage


OK. I fully understand now. Thank you so much for the explanation!


So basically, if we see the locations button, tell the seller to disable it, and that’s it. Seems pretty simple.

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yes ur right

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A client asked me to show the following.

He said if you see this Location tab on any page seller is selling, that means there is a hidden admin on that page.

Thank you for the info :smiley:


What about if you want to sell your page again? I guess the owner can’t be removed?