Highly Active Facebook Page & Group About Pet Rats Niche (US & UK Followers)

Page is about Pet Rats Niche. I’m the sole owner of this page. It has never been banned
I created this page by myself in 2017 and it grew organically to 116K

I have attached a screenshot showing where fans are from. 52K USA - 12K UK - 5K Canada

I’m selling because I need money urgently to fund a new brand I’m building

I’m also selling the group related to the page with 21K members, 12K USA - 3K UK

The page is very active. Like this post I shared on 26th May, got 6K shares

You will also get twitter account (18K fans) and instagram ( 337 fans)

You can use this page & group to:

  • Sell dropship and print on demand products
  • Sell KDP books
  • Build an info site around the niches and use google adsense

Or build an entire business around it :slight_smile:


Best offer I got so far is $1100

I believe it’s worth more as you will get all the accounts (fb page, fb group, twitter, instagram, pinterest)

You’ll also get an email list with 5K subs as I used to run a shopify Rat store that generated $80K in revenue and closed it

Hello, could you send me the URL to channel and tell me your price? :slight_smile: