Hiring Virtual Assistant For Your Business

Service type: Hiring a virtual assistant for you
Price: $300

For those of you who don’t know, VA means virtual assistant. Basically, you hire an employee (most of the time from a poor country), this way you don’t pay much, and the employee gets a great salary relative to his country. Basically a win-win situation.

There is one problem,
Many people from third-world countries want to become VA. Most of them are probably inexperienced and wouldn’t get the work done correctly.

I have been working with VAs for the past 3 years. Hired many VAs for myself and for other people. I will hire you a good employee that will fit your business needs.

I will filter with interviews only good employees for the kind of work you are looking for. If it’s for Instagram, I will also train and teach them about Instagram.

If you need an employee to run your pages, I can train and teach him for any Instagram job. The employee doesn’t need any access to the accounts (using Facebook creator studio).

PM for more details if you are interested.


Please explain Hours or work per week ?
5 working days a week ?
Mode of payment ?

Shift timings?

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You ask 300$ for the hiring and training?

What is a normal monthly salary for a VA?

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