HomePage Featured Topic Listing - Slot #1 (SWAPD KING BADGE AND PERKS INCLUDED)

START 2024 SUMMER WITH A BANG with a HomePage Featured Listing Ad

Hey, we are selling slot #1 on HomePage, which will pin your post at the top of the ad list for the entire month of JUNE 2024.

Additional PERKS!

  • SWAPD King Badge! The winner will be hailed SWAPD King for the month of June, 2024. The King’s account will be branded with THIS BADGE!
  • 250 USD in SWAPD AutoBumper credits!
  • The ability to unban 3x SWAPD users (as long as it’s not scam/pull-related)
  • One guest post on our new SWAPD blog! Write about anything :slight_smile:
  • Bragging rights for being Top G of SWAPD!

Good luck!

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@Hooper Time to shine, cowboy

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Leave me alone @1999

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