How to change FB page name

Hello everyone.
I’ve seen here many people asking about how to change Facebook page name.
It will take few weeks until you get to the desired name.

Let’s say you have page with name “Good Night” and you want the name “Good Morning”.
Only once per week you will remove one word or add one word.
You must remove word only at the end of name… and you must add word only in front of name.

week 1: Morning Good Night
week 2: Morning Good
week 3: Good Morning Good
week 4: Good Morning

I did this with lots of pages and it was working always.

I hope it helps!


Can confirm, this method works 90% of the time. It takes a while, but it does work. Thank you for sharing :smiley:


It is. But it can be done more effectivly.

I do it in 2 weeks rather than 4.

Lets say the page name is " Im really hot " and u want the name to be " No youre not "

Week 1 = adding the name u want to the original name which will make the pages name to be " Im really hot no youre not "

Week 2 = Erasing the old name and keeping the name ure interested in.

And there you go. The new page name is " No youre not "

I’ve done it dozens of times.


Great, ill give this a go, any tips and tricks on merging pages?

I should probably mention the downside to name changes. Each time you change the name, the fans/followers get notified. This quite often leads to a loss of fans (in my experience, 1-3%). Most fans don’t like name changes and/or simply get reminded that they don’t wish to follow the page any more.

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Thanks for the share, loved it. :hugs:

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can somebody assist me in this?

Unpublish the page when you change the name , they wont be able to leave :wink: Publish it after a few days.

I need some help, everytime I’m trying this method it gets declined by facebook and i have got no bans or limits on the page!

Is unpublishing and publishing often safe?

I’ve never faced any issues with publishing unpublishing, I tried that method a few months ago. It works.