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STAFF UPDATE 20.10.2018

The name change trick described in this topic has been patched. Stay tuned for more methods in replies below.

STAFF UPDATE 19.10.2018

Looking for how to change your Facebook page name? The name change trick described in this topic may be outdated. Also, some users reported that they’d lost their pages after the change. So please proceed with caution. We will post additional Facebook name change resources in our replies below.


Hey guys :wink:

After reading that multiple people got their pages deleted for renaming them and so on.
I felt really bad because I could not imagine how I would feel If I had my pages deleted.

As well being part of the Swapd community since a year ago or a bit more I think it’s essential for us to share with each other tips and tricks like this one for free to help one another.

I have a method that I have used for more than 2 years with pages Less than 100K likes and pages with over 5M likes I have used it to rename more than 300+ pages with a 99% success rate.

It can be used as well to change page names from Arabic to English because it’s the hardest as most of you know to change a page name from Arabic to English.

Normally when a Facebook page has its name changed a notification is sent to all the page fans that the page has changed its name this usually results in a drop of fans on that page.

With my method 85% of the time the notification that says the page name has been changed does not get sent and that results in no fan drop at all.

Ok this is how you change your Facebook page name

Step 1:

Go to your page and click on the “About” section usually you will find this under the page name.

Step 2:

In the “GENERAL” section you will find your page name click on “Edit.”

Step 3:

A new pop up window will open with your current page name and a section to write the desired new page name.

Step 4:

Write the desired name you would like and click on “Continue.”

DO NOT CLICK ON “Request Change.”

Step 5:

This is the tricky part

Open a new browser window and follow steps 1 to 4

Now you will have 2 browser windows open.

Now open a third browser window and follow steps 1 to 4 again.

Step 6:

Now you will have three browser windows open, and on each one, it will have the final step of renaming a page waiting for you to click on “Request Change.”

You will need to resize each browser to fit above each other just to show the “Request Change” button.

All three browsers above each other.

Just like this screenshot below…

Step 7:

This is the tricky part

You will need to click on all 3 “Request Change” buttons starting from the top one.

The trick is to click on them in literally 1 to 1.5 seconds MAX

After you have clicked on all three buttons, you can scroll inside each browser and click on the “Ok” button and then close each browser.

Step 8:

Wait for about 10 minutes before opening any browsers again or signing into facebook from your mobile.

That’s it :slight_smile:

The Requested page name will be approved in about 1 hour or less and sometimes up to 48 hours for 5M + pages and Arabic to English requests.

Wish you the best of luck and if you need any help feel free to message me. :slight_smile:

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This is the type of stuff that will get you in the VIP (If you keep it up).

Now, since Facebook is going crazy deleting pages since January 19th, do you believe this method is safe?


WoW :star_struck: VIP :heart_eyes: I’ll do my best.

On the 17th of January I changed a page name that has 1.2M likes and it’s fine
On the 19th of January I changed a page name that has 2.4M likes and it’s fine "Arabic to English"
On the 21st of January I changed a page name that has 106K likes and it’s fine

All 3 pages are fine I have merged one of them already and all is good and link post reach is good

As well a friend of mine just changed a 7M+ page yesterday using this method and it’s fine as well.

So there should not be any reason to worry from using this method… :wink:

Be careful when you change too many page names under one FB account.

I think that’s the reason FB is removing pages.

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With my previous experience your safe to change about 3 page names per week.

But to be extra safe to not exceed 8 per month.

So for example if you changed the name of 3 pages this week, next week don’t change any names.


Do you know if this works for pages blocked from changing names? Cheers :slight_smile:

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In general, what do you guys think. Is it a good idea to change the names of the pages at all?
Or is it better to stay under the radar?

It’s hard to say. I would wait a few days to see if more people come up. If more people who changed their name confirm that their page has been deleted, I would not do this.

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I urgently need your help. Im losing my job! I changed the Facebook page name.for the organization Im working for 20 days ago, they dont like the new chamge. Ive been trying to chamge it back since then and my requests get dissapproved…I tried 5 times! :frowning: please help me

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Opening this topic. Want to see if this change facebook page name trick still works. Did anyone try?

Im interested on this one too…
Can anyone that did it recently tell us if it still works or not???

I guess no one tried yet.

Additional resources:

Official Facebook Guide:

How to change FB page name completely, without any tricks (old method but still works):

i tried, but it didnt worked, going to try it again…

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OK thanks! Please keep us updated :smiley:

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Not working :frowning: Just tried it.

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Thank you. So we can confirm the trick has been patched. Does anyone else know any other methods on how to change the page name?

I know a method without page block