How to check if you are shadow banned on Tik Tok?

I am wondering how to check to see if you are shadow banned on tik tok ? And if you are what can you do about it ? How do you fix it ? Any suggestions would be great. Thank you .

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Not a TikTok expert or anything, but do you get at least some views from the for you page? If not, then it’s probably shadow banned.

I do but nothing like i used to. Like my views went down drastically. It has to be shadow banned. You don’t know of any way to check ?

Where you able to find a solution to this? I have a client asking me the same thing about there tik tok

hi, im a tiktok growth expert

to know if you’re shadow banned is if your video is shown to mostly your followers and not pushed to the fyp, that’s the only way

you may think you’re shadow banned because you’re stuck at a certain view jail(300 views, 600 views)
thats because you’re content isnt good enough , tiktok shows your video to a certain number of people first, if it doesnt do well in engagement and watch time, tiktok won’t promote it again

Is there any way to do a reach boost ?

Do you mean increase your views?


By posting and creating good content
I advise you should never boost it with bot engagement it’ll destroy the engagement

Here’s a pdf I created that can help you brother

TikTok:instagram growth .pdf (278.0 KB)