HOW TO create very easy unlimited email addresses - FREE

I’ve seen someone here asking about how to create many email addresses without phone number, so I decided to create this topic.

I used long time BLUR.
Blur is a Firefox extension, install it.
Create a free account on their site
The email that you use to register will serve also to get the redirects from all emails that you create(if you want this).

Once the Blur account is created you just have to go to any site you want, for example Facebook, to sign up for an account, and in the places for email address and password you just have to CLICK and blur will generate an email address and a password :grin:

Practically you don’t need to create email addresses, the email addresses are created when you sign up on any website.

But, if you still want to create a list with email addresses, just go to any website at sign up page , click on email and password places and blur will generate them… once generated, is created under your blur account… you copy the email address and password, paste it in a text document and use it where you want, when you want.

If you don’t know how to use this, there are tutorials on YT, just search BLUR.

Blur has also an option to mask your credit card. You just add your credit card to your blur account, and then every time you want to buy something from a website, click on the place where you have to enter your credit card info and bang, Blur will generate a virtual card, you enter the amount that you have to pay on that site, so only that amount will be charged from your real credit card. With this option, you don’t have to enter manually your card details every time you buy something, and also you avoid the phishing.

I hope it helps.


Awesome, thank you!

Will definitely use this in the future when I need :grin:

Haha, I saw your post of 9 days ago, so I decided to create this topic, maybe more people are interested in this thing.

Quite helpful, thanks @AR70PLM

Quality post. Moving to public blog. Thank you!

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Awesome. Great way of reducing spam too

Very cool. It’s kind of like Privacy, but for emails.

Another tip: Once signed in to their website, go to Masked Emails and you can manage all the masked emails you’ve created. There you can turn any of them off. Great for controlling spam.

Besides the fact that you can create for free unlimited email adresses, and the fact that you can mask your credit card using Blur’s virtual credit cards, this site gives you option to mask also your phone number, so they assigne you a phone number that you use it everytime a site request you this at sign up… so you avoid more spam… everyonw knows that customer’s phone numbers are sold to those who wants to spam.
I agree, privacy is very important.

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how is privacy safeguarded in BLUR ?? i hope i need to install firefox just for this <3

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