How to get Free 15$ Facebook Ad Coupon

Going straight to the topic.

All the steps should be done in P.C

  1. First you need an old clean facebook account without any pages history.

  2. Create a new page with any name & category in that facebook id.

  3. Setup a profile picture, like the page and enable
    see first option.

  4. Post any random status in the page, click boost & choose U.S $ as currency and then in the next popup select country as united states and currency ad U.S $

  5. You will see select a payment method, don’t do anything just simply change & enter url to in the same tab.

  6. You will see the status in home page and below that you will see boost the post for xxx$ ( the amount which was default )

  7. Go to page and post a new random status & repeat step 4 & 5, so you will see step 6 for your second status.

  8. Again go to page, post a photo without any caption. And repeat step 4 & 5. And you will see the photo in step 6.

  9. Your done, repeat the step 4,5,6,7,8 in second day. And you will get 15$ ad coupon mostly in the next 2,3 days.

Pro tip: never use these coupons to boost your page or post, use it to boost your link and get instant article access… coz mark zuck is watching you…!!!


Seems Like GTA San Andreas cheat codes :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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:joy::joy: it does work man…!!

its like doing an finishing move on mortal kombat back on the original playstation…

Process sounds like that, but doing it is quite easy, if possible I could screen record and post in a while…!!

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I already know this Trick, but Claiming this Coupons in Facebook Ad Balance is hard there. We need to use a card to claim it right?

Nice write up, thank you @MediaBoy.

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Yes …!!!

Is screen recording is allowed ? Coz that does shows profile and page…

If you don’t mind revealing it and you’re not selling it, I guess it’s OK. But for your own sake, I would pass on that.

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