How to get INSTANT ARTICLE APPROVED within 16 days

Hi everyone, sharing a piece of knowledge here about how you can get your domain applicable & approved on facebook instant articles.

It was soo easy back then to get INSTANT articles just by signing up and adding the domain :heart_eyes: now we all know how expensive these are in the marketing between $500 to $1000. Why buy it when you can make it for yourself in less than 10$.

** What do you need? **

A page, domain and a wordpress hosted website.

Website must contain all the necessary pages like about us, contact us, dmca, privacy policy, tos etc.

Website must contain 15 to 25 articles totally fresh and ORIGINAL. ( You can copy/paste spinned articles too but original do the magic quickly )

So now your web is ready with content now it’s time to apply for IA, sounds easy right? Well, you can’t :joy:

Here comes the main part, facebook’s di** is getting harder and harder on the newbies these days. So to making it a bit of difficult for noobs :grin: they requires traffic on your web from facebook’s source.

In the beginning there were no traffic requirements. Then they increased it to 10k, 30k, 50k, 80k and now its approximately 100k.

So what you have to do to apply on IA is to drive a bit of traffic on your site from facebook like 7k 9k clicks per day for 7 to 14 days.

It can become eligible in less than 8 to 14 days too it’s on your luck.

So after providing traffic once your domain eligible to apply for IA, add your domain, connect the feed and apply for it.

In less than a week your IA will be approved!

It’s a good earning method too for those who can drive traffic to the web. very high returns on lowest investment considering the price of per IA 500 to 700 usd.


** Alot of people might know about it but I’ve seen soo many people new to this so i thought to share it :slight_smile: **


If this works, you’re going to piss off a lot of IA sellers on SWAPD :slight_smile:
Thank you for the awesome tutorials today! Have a little gift from us! (In your SWAPD Rewards)

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This works 100%.

This works, 100k visitors is the only reason why everyone is buying I.A… ITS REALLY hard to pull it…

But only doubt it story swipenup also included ???

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Yup those are included too. We just have to have 70k to 100k clicks in FACEBOOK’S SERVER.

It will work in less than 100k traffic too depends on the quality of content + customization of website.

Juustt AWESOME :star_struck:
Thankyouu sooo muchhhh :smiley: :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried to get my website, with 200k views a month approved, but it said not enough viewership, and how do they even know how many visitors do I have?

Was all of your traffic came from Facebook?

I guess they have the data of every web like how many times this link has been clicked on fb?

came from Instagram

but I can have a website that has an amazing SEO and was never posted on Facebook, that gets 1m views a month, how do they know?

Well, while applying for IA fb ask for viewership of Facebook users cause it’s gonna be on facebook. So other than fb, they don’t consider any othrt source of traffic in viewership.

Just tried submitting a website that gets a few million impressions every month from Instagram, and it says the site has minimal readership.

Bro you’re applying for IA. So they want you to get Facebook users to view your site from facebook. They don’t care if you have 1m traffic of 10m from seo or any other source.

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But instagram is theirs

Yes but you can not open IA’s link on IG can you?

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Simply IA is created so the Facebook’s user can stay within Facebook’s app / browser

Ok you are right, tried with a friends’ website that post his articles on Facebook and it doesn’t have the minimal readership problem

so you need views from Facebook, and only Facebook.

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Yes :smiley:

What about making a viral article and advertising it with Facebook’s “Boost Post” to a very cheap location, like Pakistan? or Venezuela? getting like 5k clicks a day for what, $10? Last time I targeted them it was ultra cheap. and then being able to apply for IA. ( for people who doesn’t have big pages on Facebook )

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This works like a hot knife on a butter my friend.

Make 10 to 15 websites at once.
Start givinm traffic on them from cheap cpc countries like pak, nepal bangla etc.

After 2 to 3 weeks you’ll have IA’s worth in between 5k to 8k dollars :smiley:

Gift one of them to me :smiley:

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