★ How to make your first $100k on Instagram in 1 year or less

I am just wondering, since late 22 anyone here tried this course and can vouch for the results ? and does it need any extra investments later to make this method works properly ? and where the income will come from later ? its from pushing traffic to sell products ? or just grow and resell the pages ? how long it might take to start converting from this method ? thanks

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Seem a great guide with many positive feedbacks. I have a dead page for few years. I have some questions before start:

  • what should I prepare to start ?
  • is this require to video creator ability ?
  • is monetize just to flip an accounts or any other ways like shoutout,… ?
  • to reach for example 1M views / 1M followers, how long does it take with the method ?


Wondering the same! :slight_smile:

Can you message me I am interested and have some questions for you!

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Same here. Is there more ways to monetise rather than promos and selling?
DM me if you can @Petrecocos

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Interested. Please PM

Have a few questions but I am new to Instagram. I am pretty hungry so will be easy to work with. So long as you give me the necessary tools to succeed. Thanks!

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