How to Solve Facebook Zero Reach issue [For free]

I could have offered this as an unique service and made few bucks, but i have decided to give it for free…!!

Let me teach you how to solve 0 reach issue

This post is only for guys who are patient and capable to stick to my method. If you’re not a patient guy then come to my i.b ill do it for u for xxx$…!

I know you guys were also trying different methods to solve it i.e Unpublishing the page, removing admins, changing page name, changing username and contacting with Facebook Support LIVE.
But I’m damn sure none of your reach would have resolved till now.

First How will you know if your page has restrictions or not ?

Let me tell you a secret way to check whether your page have any restrictions or not.

Just go to the Facebook Page Merge form and type in your page name which you think having low reach or no reach. When you type your page name there and if it appears there. It means the page has no restrictions on the page. And if you can’t see your page on that list, it means the page has 0 reach restrictions or any type of restrictions are hit on your page.

Here’s the link of Page merge:

Now! What is the solution to solve 0 reach? How you can get rid of this PERMANENTLY?

Just follow my method and stick to it. And do not try your own strategy on my strategy. You need to STICK to my method !! If you fail to do so, your reach won’t resolve and again gets hit by 0 reach!

Let’s Start :ok_hand:t2:

• First check on the Page Merge form whether you’re having 0 reach issue or not. If the restrictions are on the page. Do not post or do anything. If your page appears on the list. Then you’re good to go and use my method on the page.

• You need to remove other admins on the page and keep only yourself as admin on the page.

• Once you are seeing your page on the page merge form, upload first photo on the page. Only photo.

• After 24 Hours. Upload the second photo. ( Keep in mind. 24 hours means 24 hours. You can’t post by waiting 23 hours and 59 minutes. And should not schedule too. You need to wait 24 hours for the next post. For example if you posted a photo on the first day at 12PM then you can post second photo on the next day right at 12PM or later than 12PM. Not 11:59PM )

• After 24 Hours, Upload third photo.

• After 24 Hours, Upload fourth photo.

• After 24 Hours, Upload fifth photo

• After 24 Hours, Upload sixth photo.

• After 24 Houre, Upload the last seventh photo.

Keep in mind during this 1 week procedure, You just have to upload photo. Nothing else. You can’t even change settings or add or remove new admins. Nothing else. Just post and leave the page.

Keep this process running for 1 week .
On the eighth day, Upload your first monetized video !!! Here you go! Your reach permanently resolved.

Eagerly waiting for you guys to test my strategy on your pages and update me on the eighth day with a GOOD news :wink:

Comment down if you have additional questions regarding this method!

:om: Jai shri ram


Thanks for the information, my pages haven’t 0 reach problem but maybe this info can be use later.

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Can anyone confirm that this works?


Process takes 7 days, so it will take time :slight_smile:

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how many times have you tried it and had it work?

(will test this btw, thanks!)

@akaii please report back :slight_smile:


If this works for someone, please make sure to update on here. Lot of bro science floating around.

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U can try it on ur own, it ain’t something against facebook TOS.

. :stuck_out_tongue:


My page had the similar issue and i spoke with the adverting support,
It can not be resolved with just posting pictures, that’s juts bro science!

Anyways the block is for 7 days and 30days ! Depending on your voilation.

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I’m not speaking about block…!! I’m speaking about zero reach lol…

Block = Zero reach = Common sense.

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Block comes if u post something against fb tos…

But iam here speaking about zero reach which comes randomly without going against tos…

Don’t thing ur over smart…:+1:.

@MediaBoy i don’t want to get on your post. but the 0 reach using photos is not working my friend. many have 0 reach for videos, or for links. or even both and photos as well.


How to solve restricted one ?