How to upload ten million photos on Instagram or How to clone an Instagram account


I guess it might help someone so sharing it. I have used api by Lev Pasha, If you have ever used automation on Instagram, you have already used his code either directly or indirectly, which he have provided for free on GitHub.

You can use this tutorial for cloning complete Instagram account or you can be weird as you’re and upload millions of photo on Instagram.

Note: Please don’t violate anyone’s copyright by cloning accounts (This tutorial is for educational purpose only)

Simple Code in python for uploading one photo, millions of times on Instagram
(This will upload one photo in loop)

import time
import random
from InstagramAPI import InstagramAPI

InstagramAPI = InstagramAPI(“username”, “password”)

def bulk_post():
for x in range(1,1000000):
photo_path = ‘C:/Path/of/theimage.jpg’
xxx=InstagramAPI.uploadPhoto(photo_path, caption=k)
if (xxx==False):
print(“posted “+love+” time”)
print (“xxx not falseee not sure if posted”)


For downloading content of whole account
Use this chrome extension

Code for uploading whole folder

#!/usr/bin/env python
#-- coding: utf-8 --

#Use text editor to edit the script and type in valid Instagram username/password

import os
import time
import random
from os import listdir
from os.path import isfile, join
from random import randint
from InstagramAPI import InstagramAPI

PhotoPath = “~/igphoto/” # Change Directory to Folder with Pics that you want to upload
#Change to your Photo Hashtag
IGCaption = “Your Caption Here #hashtag

ListFiles = [f for f in listdir(PhotoPath) if isfile(join(PhotoPath, f))]
print(“Total Photo in this folder:” + str(len(ListFiles)))

#Start Login and Uploading Photo
igapi = InstagramAPI(“login”, “password”)
igapi.login() # login

for i in range(len(ListFiles)):
photo = ListFiles[i]
print(“Progress :” + str([i + 1]) + " of " + str(len(ListFiles)))
print("Now Uploading this photo to instagram: " + photo)
igapi.uploadPhoto(photo, caption=IGCaption, upload_id=None)
# sleep for random between 1 - 5s
n = randint(1, 5)
print("Sleep upload for seconds: " + str(n))

If this helped you PM me dank memes, thanks.


Didn’t Instagram confirm that they now check for duplicate content (as in duplicate images)? How does copying someone help now? Won’t the reused content be at a disadvantage right off the bat?


For Meme purpose, posting one million photos will be Dope.:100:

Almost 80% pages shares copied content (with credits)

I have bought a 20k dog page on Swapd, that account is getting 100k-200k video views on copied content, so i don’t think Instagram have any algorithm which decreases engagment of reused content.


Do you notice much increase of followers from doing this


Thanks for this tutorial!


thanks for this tutorial!


Interested in this