How to use SWAPD Secret Messages (Whispers)?

SWAPD Secret Messages, or commonly known as Whispers, is a new feature that helps members communicate with staff in secrecy. This feature is used on topics and checkout tickets mainly for:

  1. Sharing sensitive data such as property credentials without the other party seeing it.
  2. Sharing payment information and personal data.
  3. Alerting staff about suspicious activity.

However, whispers are mainly used for sharing credentials within a ticket. When you’re asked to share your details by a SWAPD Staff Member, please proceed with the following guide.

How to send SWAPD Secret Messages?

1. Navigate to and press the reply button.

Just like you would reply to a topic/PM, simply hit the reply button. You have to hit the main reply button, and not the one on individual posts.

2. Click the settings button and toggle Whisper.

Click the mini gear icon, it will open a menu with available options. When ready, press Toggle Whispers.

3. That’s it! You’re now sending a secret message!

When you see the slashed eye icon, it means you’re whispering. Only admins can see your whispers, no one else.

Mobile version:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am whispering?
You will see a slashed eye on the composer and the Reply button will switch to Whisper.

Can other members see my whispers?
No, only admins are able to see whispers.

Can I directly whisper to another member?
No, currently that feature is disabled. Whispers are only used to communicate with staff.

Can I tag @Administrators in whispers if I want to report a suspicious topic without the seller seeing it?
Yes, we even encourage it.

How do I turn whispers off?
Just click the settings icon again, and toggle whispers off.