How well is the support from

For the people that bought @Mohamxd “rep” contact. How well are the requests being approved or processed?

Since he sold the contact to 3 and there was suppose to be 5. I think it’s good if we get some feedback for future bidders


For the moment, I have closed the places, I optimize and I open the places again.


The representative was very soft at first, but no he is responsive. He sent me some requests but unfortunately there were only refusals for the moment.

Most of the requests we have sent him are requests outside of entertainment.

I put everything in place so that the answers are fast, clear and efficient, and that the files that he receives are not sand, because most of the files that they are the files that do not pass.

Wrong. He took days to sent my case (maybe he didnt send it). One time I had to wait days to have a response.

I’ve dmed @/Mohamxd about this multiple times, and I hope he can confirm this.

Not from what I’ve been hearing.

What’s going on?

I thought people would experience “incredible TATs.”

@Vlbrantofficial was suppose to leave an honest review of your service and to test it. Which I believe he has. Are you certain this is an actual rep you’ve been selling?

What about the other buyers @imdruda @killua @Hov . How are you finding the support?

Correct. I tried to verify an IG account & recover a hacked account, he took me days to “submit a request “ and then delayed me almost a week to say “it was rejected”. The auction was closed, and I couldn’t reply.

Yeah, same thing as @Vlbrantofficial.

Asked for 2 username claims and an account recovery and he said he can’t do any of these because is not entertainment related.

First days took a lot for him to reply and was giving vague answers.


Care to comment? Looks like there are unsatisfied customers. Are you sure this is a rep?

Can the representative provide internal screenshots to prove cases were filed?

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Hello already.

I give access a Facebook representative who sends you, asks you for $250 :

I mention that you have to send casesrelater to Entertainment. Most of the boxes that they are sent are not cases related to the entertainement.

But it doesn’t matter, they still send them the negative responses. He has the proof of sending.

He’s had a big problem on his end because there’s been a lot of work with the Facebook reps recently for all of you who have Media Portals you’ve seen the Media Portal interfaces have changed there’s been some regulations that have changed but he’s back, and he’s more responsive than ever for proof he asks the Clients every day if they have any files so he can check them.

So apart from that, I have a representative who sends out requests. Please send him requests that will pass, not bogus or useless files that will not pass us.

Unfortunately @Vlbrantofficial , what concerns, I gave him the access for free so that he could try, to see what he thinks about it the rep to any time lack of vigilance and activity considering that it is not a client where he was paid and that he focused that with the other clients, that explains it, why there was a loss of time between that, but everything has been rectified as any good service that is launched there are defects that have been rectified that today make it work well.

Please send files that are related to the entertainment.

In addition, taking into account that he can send three to four requests per day as a personal, so accumulate that with other customers and you will see the number of requests that can be processed with this Facebook representative try to find someone who has a Portal Access media or a Facebook representative, you can send that number of requests per day.

Important: I never guaranteed 100% that it would pass the files every time because it is not someone who works in the technical team and that it forces the passage of the files they send the files to review. They are accepted on Instagram and Facebook notability criteria.

You can complain about the delay in response, I can understand that, but you can’t complain if he sent the request and the file didn’t go through. (This was imperative to rectify)

Thank you for your understanding.

I am having this same experience… Really slow replies. All denials on cases. Vague responses with no insight at all of why it got denied. Not even sure if it got submitted… On top of that he said he doesn’t do business pages? How is that even possible…

Horrible experience so far. Slow with no results.



What is this behaviour? You don’t even have one satisfied customer? Did you even test it out before selling?
I’m frankly very disappointed. You didn’t want me to tell you to teach you your job? Maybe because you were selling a fake “rep” contact?
If the person is not accepting business accounts for submission, it’s likely due to the fact media portals don’t accept them.
If it’s a representative that works with clients. They’re able to select any category and escalate. Doesn’t me that they will be resolved, but at least they can get feedback.
Your thread was full of lies and you need to help the buyers.

@SWAPD can anything be done as it seems like the contact he has sold isn’t even escalating or providing any evidence.
His thread said there would be incredible tat, but they ignore requests for days.

People have spent big money and this is not the service they expected

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If you had a ticket with @Mohamxd, PM me the number and I will reopen it. We’ve blocked him from doing business on SWAPD until he refunds or fixes things.

My prediction is, @Mohamxd sold a faulty/fraudulent service, will never refund, and will eventually leave SWAPD. I hope you prove me wrong, @Mohamxd.

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You all got played by his shady service, big time. @Raman0001 and @thefastcorp had their doubts and they even grilled him with questions, but he just dodged them like a pro. And you all still went ahead and bought it without a second thought. Good luck getting your money back.

This @imdruda guy even laughed at them for questioning and not being able to take risks, lol.

@Forest haha bro I knew it. A real rep can do any account category region doesn’t really matter for him. None of this guy was saying making real sense but people still went ahead and bought it. My guess is @imdruda is his account as well which he made to make his service look legit. He even did a transaction with himself with this account.

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Maybe its music rep butt rep can appeal to internal team to rereview case again if you can provied more stuff links etc butt its look like this guy using 2 telegram and using himself and act as rep ;give me any case id i will look its real raise from rep or panel