Hunting for the next big thing. Reviewing the VERO app

Within the past week, the ad-free social media app Vero has taken the internet by storm. Though the app launched in 2015 it remained relatively quiet until February 28, 2018, when it added upwards of 500,000 users in 24 hours.

Vero aims to alleviate the pain points of today’s most popular social media platforms, namely by avoiding non-chronological newsfeeds, data mining of personal information, and ads. Whether the hype surrounding the platform leads to long lasting popularity remains to be seen.

In the following post, we’ll break down the most notable Vero statistics that marketers should know and provide the most up to date Vero information as it becomes available.

Since March, the user base went from 500K to 3M, so the app is growing. VERO key features they boast about:

  1. It provides no restrictions like Facebook on reach.
  2. It doesn’t filter your newsfeed.
  3. It’s ad-free.

More info:

Vero official website:
Android app:

The app does have millions of installs, so I don’t think they’re padding their numbers. The app also has semi-good reviews (3 stars on Google Play and 3.5 stars on iTunes). Most negative comments from UI aspects and the fact that you can’t share text posts with your audience (yet, VERO claims they’re working on it). The app is somewhat like IG where you need photo/video content to post something. But from what I can tell, you can share links.

What do you guys think? Worthy of keeping an eye on or will it burn out?

Hurts the eye to see, hoping for a better template in the future for it to be a game changer.

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A lot of the comments have been saying the same thing :smiley: (on the app stores)

This app was really popular a few months ago in my country. Almost everyone used it including some big influencers. But, unfortunately, this only lasted for 1/2 weeks. I had some great experience on Vero but I do not think it can compete against other social media networks. Not in this state. Maybe if they redesign/recode their entire platform.

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Shame! Thank you for your input.