I get offers to facebok page

I get offers to facebok page. Does anyone have any experience with this. The message I got looks like this :“I’m working for aa advertising and marketing firm and we are looking for sponsored ads. We hire people’s Fan-pages and run ads campaign on it through facebook buisness manager (Offical tool Created by facebook itself). We provide facebook verified ads only, we are offering weekly payout. No Links, No click-baits, only sponsored ads of some multinational brands. let me know if you are intrested.

They are scammers. Avoid them or do what I do and troll them.

Usually what they ask later is to be added to your page as an ad manager and then they use a backdoor that facebook refuses to fix and they take the page

ok, thank you

Don’t fall for this trick. I fell for this once and lost my page. They even sent me an email that looked like it came directly from Facebook, which when I clicked on it, it made someone else the Admin of my page and they immediately removed me. Luckily, I was able to contact Facebook and after about 3 weeks and numerous papers that needed to be notarized, I got my pages back. It was a huge pain in the ass.

100% scams. Report spam right away.

i eported already, thank you