I need a Facebook advertising account

Sent you a few DM’s already about this.

Hey brother, I hope you’re doing well.

Apologies I couldn’t done any business with you in the past 5 months I was on continuous vacations and didn’t had the time to manage swapd or my client’s

Can you share details with me in the inbox and screenshot of required BM if possible?

Also share all the services you need including verification or ban / unban etc, I’ll try to provide all the services you need.

Thankyou, hope we can do continuous business again just like old times!

Available all types of Meta ad account @zzz2786611 PM me

Available all types for only 50$ without swapd fee

Available at best price lmk! @zzz2786611


Can get up to 5% cashback on adspend. @zzz2786611