I need a Facebook advertising account

I need “An advertising account that allows direct payment of ad fees via wire transfer with a 6% discount”
If you have such an advertising account, please let me know. I have a sufficient budget.


I can provide but you can’t run any betting or gambling as restricted by meta ad

I understand. Please tell me your price?
I need an account that gives me full control of the advertising account and allows me to pay the ad spend directly to META.

i can provide you 3 line re-instaed facebook personal account



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Check pm @zzz2786611 available any type of Ad account

I can get you the 6% discount but it’s with top ups

@zzz2786611 reply my message I have pinged in details

@zzz2786611 pm me I can provide you any types of Fb ads account

Hey :wave: @zzz2786611 pm me will provide you any types of Fb Ads account