Idea for a notification I think can be useful

Something I think needs to be added and I would love to hear from you if you also want this to be added.

An option to turn on App Notifications for new threads. and to be able to filter by categories. like, I only want to be notified when someone creates a new thread on Public Blog.

Can be very useful for people who wants a specific thing from the site & or just want to catch all sales first so if it’s a good deal they can communicate with the seller first.

What’d u think?

I think that, that’s already implemented… You csn turn on and off notifications for all categories like you want…

An option to turn on App Notifications for new threads.

Honestly, not sure if possible I never tried it. To make things worse, I care less now about our mobile app, because the developer who made it (the only person who fit our budget) got hired by a big company and will no longer support it. We’re one mandatory iOS/Android update away from closing it. I am trying to rally a few other webmasters who use the source to chip in and start a fund for any new developer who is willing to take on the project. Finding devs isn’t a problem, but finding reasonably priced devs is. We’ve been quoted 20-100K USD for over 4 months everywhere we looked. Our dev created both apps (the dev whos gone now) for 2500 USD + maintenance/upkeep costs. It’s just not in the budget to spend 20K to keep the app going for 500 users. SWAPD is super mobile friendly, works on all mobile browsers and it’s virtually indistinguishable from the app. The only thing everyone will miss are the notifications, which sucks. But we may have to abandon the app, regardless. People will just have to learn to use email notifications, unless we find a new dev soon and save the app.

In conclusion, no new app features will be considered for now.


Have you ever tried to look for a freelancer on ? There are a lot of qualified programmers for a very fair price.

Freelancer is the worst website in the world for finding competent people, in my opinion. Had nothing but the worst luck there.

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Well I have made 1 bad experience but I have now found a great freelancer respectively company, but sure, your choice!

I had the total opposite experience. Months and months of bad work. Once I hired a guy to make a simple windows based app, the installation process took 30 minutes, even though the whole program was 2MB :smiley:

I am sure there are good people there, like everywhere. But they’re vastly overshadowed by pure crap.

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I think notifications are now available also via mobile browsers like Chrome or Internet on android. It can be set up afaik.
Not sure for iOS.