If you have a blog -> Make money with this METHOD

Hi, it doesn’t happen too often that I share my own methods of making some $$. Well, today is your lucky day ^.^

I’ll cut the ■■■■ and tell you what this is about pretty quick:


-You Must Have A BLOG/WEBSITE that you can allow guest-posting on.
-You must want to make $$.
-You need a Fiverr account.

The Method:

-Open/use a Fiverr Account
-Start a buyer request, let’s say you have a domain called example.com(Which is the blog)
-Write this in the buyer request: Hello, I need a guest post on example.com

Many sellers will message you saying “Yes, I have” when they actually have no clue, because most of them are just liars. LOL! We are going to use this against them.

In order to get you a guest-post on YOUR blog, they are going to message the webmaster(You) For a price. I used to make 50-100$ a day like this, only because people were reselling guest posts on my old blogs.

You don’t have to actually purchase it through Fiverr - This is a way of getting people to resell stuff.

Well, it can be scaled up in many ways. Good luck!