IG account without original email

Thanks in advance for your help.

Few Instagram accounts for sale here come without OGE (original email).

Seems like it’s not a safe to buy an account without the original email.

  • why?
  • can someone claim property back?
  • is there a solution to prevent seller (or original creator of IG account) to claim the account back? Like changing email (password) and adding 2 factor authentication (via SMS)?
  • is there a way to prove that i was sold the account (unless this infringes IG policies)?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Go through this discussion thread regarding any questions about OG email Is owning the original email important with Instagram anymore? It seems that not so much
  2. Of course properties can be pulled back if they have access to OG Email. In some cases, from the original device as well. Not everyone can do it though.
  3. You can try your best. All the solutions such as 2FA make it harder for the seller to claim it back. As of now, I don’t think any sure-shot solution exists.
  4. Such cases are extremely rare.

Although, there is always risk involved. SWAPD is one of the most secured, probably the only secure platform on internet. Scammers are usually reported here and their checkout system along with ID verification somewhat scares them away.


I was just about to write what you said, @hj54 :slight_smile: Thanks!


thanks a lot for your help.
Much appreciated.

As it seems, from a quick read of the post you shared, OG email is useless since you can recover an account thanks to “cookies on PC and OG phone number”.
Only solution (for a dumb person like me) could be what suggested by Sarkawt_shaban. “change the age restriction to +99 years old” and wait @ least 48 hours to have Instagram verify your phone as trusted phone.

Will ask in the thread you shared if someone tried it.


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