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:dizzy:15k Instagram Growth Campaign

I will attach the details below:

Celebrity: @tanamongeau

Estimated Growth: 15k followers :us:

Live date: June 15th

Price: $2,000

Giving away: 2x LV Bags, 1x Macbook and 1x PS5 OR IPhone 12

PM me back to lock in a spot on this campaign, this will sell out fast🚨

Tonight :rotating_light: !!! Last spots :


Estimated 50k

Very inexpensive :bangbang::warning::fleur_de_lis:

PM for price :

How is the engagement from these followers after the fact? Decent? Bad? I know it’s all just anecdotal, just wondering.

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Just a few likes not that much form this audience

Starting on Monday only 850$ people get your handle in there :rotating_light:


June the 21st :us: Growth :



PM me for price

Giveaway flash sale alert :rotating_light: Last slot available

Estimated 200k

Discounted last minute price : 2,000

Starting In 24 hours tops

HMU :call_me_hand:t3:

New giveaways starting soon :rotating_light: :

Kazakhstan :kazakhstan: giveaways




Gain 200k
Price 1,500 USD
DATE 1-2 July

Russia :ru:

Estimated 100 k
Price 2,600 USD
Date 28June
Duration 18 days!

Estimated 400 к
Price PM for pricing
Date 30 June-3July

@ mikhail_litvin

Estimated 800K-1 MILLION
Price PM me
Date 5-15 July

Estimated 300k
Price 4,200 USD

Estimated 300k
Price 4,300USD

Starting in a day and a half :rotating_light: :


PM for pricing & availability as well as entire list :top::top::top: