IG recovery (7M) followers

What’s up guys !

I have an IG recovery case. It’s (OF girl ) and had 7M followers

Please let me know who can do this + price. PM if you have positive reviews in recovering IG cases like this

@Goofy is ur guy

Contact him, he can do it

Thanks ! I actually misunderstood my client

So this is what happened, she got disabled and got her account back then her OF manager at the time signed in and changed the password etc and she hasn’t been able to get access to her own account since may 2023 .

@goofy @thanos these guys can help you regarding hacked recoveries

It’s not so much a hacked recovery , it’s more of a glitch

I guess hacked account means you’re not able to use your own account and someone else changed password.

Yeah the girl assumed it was hacked but upon further investigation by myself it’s glitching

I can login to the account on the super old version of IG but it doesn’t work on the newer updates

It just automatically logs out .
It’s super weird. I’m still able to makes posts through the business suite

This is Weird case. I will suggest try deactivating account for 10-15 minutes and again reactivate it through latest version of Ig

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pm please