IG: Unban & Hacked Account Recovery | Starting from $500 | Quick & Safe

Unban Service:

  • Starting at $500
  • Requirements:
    • Selfie with ID for verification.
    • Email address associated with the account.
    • Date and reason for the ban.
    • Screenshot of the account before the ban (if available).
    • Link to another social media platform (if available).

Hacked Recovery:

  • Starting at $500
  • Requirements:
    • Date the account was hacked.
    • Email address associated with the account.
    • A new email address to resecure the account.
    • Brief description of the hacking incident.


  1. Choose the service you need: Unban or Hacked Recovery.
  2. Provide the required information for the selected service.
  3. Our team will review and start the recovery process.

Note: Service fees start from $500 and vary based on the complexity of the case. This service is designed specifically for Public Figures and Creators.