IG unban / recovery service

Service type: IG unban / recovery service:
Price: Depends


If you’re disabled or have a disabled client message me , i can recover the account. $ will vary depending on size of page. Using my service has 0 risks and no accounts that have been recovered have ever had any punishment for being recovered through my sources.

i had an account (public figure) removed in 2017, another 2018 – not for copyright but banned permanently by ig – You can even tr?

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nope sorry perm is perm

What about accounts has been disabled more than 1 year

is possible depends on your ban pm for info


Got a client who who had a single strike from audemaris watches and the account got directly disabled

Is there any chance to recover it ?

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PM me, very interested!

Pm me

2 months banned.
Banned for sexual and explicit

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Pm me

Can you fix shadow bans?

oh you bad :wink:

@swapd does this guy have any successful tickets on swapd so far?

Not as far as I am aware.

Looking to unban few accounts same reason as @anon89711010

I’ve sent you a PM still waiting for your reply

Can you fix banned for cannabis?

Any updates? Did it work?

No answer yet.

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