IG Verification for Public Figures (entrepreneurs , bloggers etc ) & Business | Diamond Member

Offering again Facebook & Instagram verification for Public Figures and Business

Requirements (you need to send me a Google Drive Link or PDF with everything mentioned below)

  • Link Facebook or Instagram to get submitted
  • Links to any other socials
  • Website (personal if you’re a public figures, business for business)
  • Press (required top 5 articles + 3-4 addittional)
  • Extra links (wikipedia, google knowledge panel etc)

If you’re eligible to get submitted, must be required an ID too

Press = can’t use blacklisted such us la weekly, etc - can only use websites who posted the article from a Contributor Account with name & photo; no brand voice, sponsored etc

Prices start (final price once reviewed your case :

  • Instagram | Public Figures : 6000$ + Swapd Fee
  • Instagram | Entrepreneurs : 7500$ + Swapd Fee
  • Instagram | Business / Brands . 8500$ + Swapd Fee

Method Payment :

Crypto (usdt)

Timeframes on tickets :

IG – 15 days from when get submitted (most likely done in 1-3 days )


Doing first client for 5500$ plus Swapd fee

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GLWS Boss :fire:

Taking indian cases ???

I need this service, I am Italian and based in London.

I have a strong case. Entrepreneur/ public figure

With over 50 press since 3-4 years

Book me in ! :muscle:


Only Emea zone man

Accepting 1 more case for next eek

bump -

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Check DM’s


I sent you 3 case. You didn’t answer any of them.

I’ll definitely trying to get my ig verified please help me.

Send your requirements if you’re on emea zone

2 slots available for next bulk order – next week

1 ticket doing for.6500$ Swapd fee included

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1x slot booked
1x slot available 6200$ fee incl

Last slot available

Check dm.