Important update regarding users ability to buy without ID verification

Curious - how many daily active users SWAPD has?

Hello, can you add to any part of the site how many people are active on the site?

As you know, all vendors live in different countries, so the time zones are very different.

If we can see how many people are active instantly, we can know when to highlight the topics.

Most of the time, when we highlight the topics, it reaches very few people and I think it has quite an impact! Please rate it thanks @Goofy @SWAPD

The safety concern badge is arbitrary and only serves to punish new users, you can register and buy whatever you want, but for whatever reason, you need a bank wire payment to sell anything. Great way to make sure new sellers never get established on here.

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If you want to roll with the big boys, you need to prove yourself :slight_smile:


I wear my safety concern badge with pride at this point :face_exhaling::sunglasses::no_entry_sign:

How is that checkmark obtained? :face_with_monocle:

Blue one costs $8 and the yellow one costs $1,000. per month

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Where do you apply for it?

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Just pay me $10k in advance and I’ll get u sorted for a year

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What about 100k for 100 years?

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