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Are you looking to skyrocket your app’s popularity and rankings on App/Play Store? Look no further! We’re here to offer you a unique and effective service that will boost your app installs like never before.

:earth_americas: Worldwide or :india: India-Targeted Installs Available!
:fast_forward: Speed: Up to 20k installs per day for larger orders!

Pricing for Play Store (Android) -

  • $180 per K Installs for Worldwide
  • $250 per K Installs for India

Pricing for App Store (iOS) -

  • $300 per K Installs for Worldwide
  • $350 per K Installs for India

:x: No Black Hat Campaigns - We Maintain Quality & Integrity

:star2: Why Choose Us?
With our service, your app will benefit from:
:fire: Real, High-Quality Installs
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Improves Store Rankings
:bulb: Increased Visibility & Credibility
:rocket: Rapid and Steady Growth
:100: Safe and Effective Methods

:globe_with_meridians: Worldwide Reach:
Our worldwide campaign will give your app the global exposure it deserves.

:india: India-Targeted:
For those looking to make a significant impact in the Indian market, our India-targeted campaign is tailored to meet your needs.

Note: SWAPD Fee is not included.

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