Increasing Instagram Followers Fastly & Organically | & Bringing back Dead Pages Reach In Instagram

Hai, I’m writing this article only after experiencing various test results.

This method Works only for ppl who are hell active.

I have a meme page (215k followers) that is active, means likely to upload 15-20 memes daily. The thing which I noticed recently is, making the meme page as a business account makes ppl to discover on Instagram, but nothing more.

the followers increase slowly. But the moment I changed my Page to a private profile, daily on an avg i get 1k followers request even more. Note this, this is seriously a hell amount of followers for my demographic <Tamilnadu state (INDIA) very limited to the language >…!! I literally hope for active Instagrammers making ur page as the private profile is hell useful to gain Followers.

For swipe up stories, all u need to do is just make ur profile as a business account and Instagram will enable the swipe up in 1 or 2 hours mostly…!! or even less amount of time. The moment u posted the swipe up story then u can change as private profile too, that story will be still online as swipe up.

The only thing u need to care about is, u will receive hell amount of requests and u need to accept those all regularly, like in 1 or 2 days, if more and more followers requests pop in, some of the requests will fly away hidden ( not every time but on rare occasions ).

And if followers requests exceed 1000+ it will still show as 1000 only. All u need to do is accept it until its all accepted.

And another more main plus point is, ppl cannot get the post link, its harder for ppl to report ur content regarding copyright and sort of stuff, except harassment of serious issues, pages which post about politics and stuff should keep their page as a private profile. its harder for top end ppl to track u coz it will not come in discover. Even no one can share them the posts link.

this is my page’s Proof


Can vouch for this - Combining making the pages private with a network of shoutouts will lead to a huge increase in followers, has resurrected some previously dead pages for me.

Yeah i forget to mention that too, even dead pages each can be taken back with this method…!

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Can confirm too. It’s a craze lately, people are building up huge/active accounts with this method. Thank you for posting, @MediaBoy.


I’m not using Instagram, I’m on FB, but there are programs that you can host on your server or pc to manage 1 to 500 accounts for all social platforms, and you set easily the program do this job automatically for you, and many other jobs as schedule posts, auto-replay to messages, like,follow/unfollow etc.

Yeah I have heard of those like grammultitool, but only fear is will our page be safe ???

I don’t have much info about every program, but for my activity on FB I use a specific program that allows you manage account in most social media platforms (Facebook,Instagram,YouTube,Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Likedin,Tumblr,and also Emails).
All in one.

For each platform the program has all the needed tools that you can set to work automatically. Also you can set night mode,so accounts are sleeping,as a normal user do. You can set delay between actions,to look natural. What a person would do normally on an account, this program has tool for it to set it do it automatically while you sleep.

You can set a different private proxy for each account .
Each account will have its own browser.

I can’t give the program name publicly because I would violate their tos, but I can in pm if anyone wants.

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Pm me the name of the tool pls :blush::+1:

Pm me please

name of the tool pls

can someone explain this method of going private with the swipe stories?

Theres giant disonance when you are on private between follower requests and how much you really grow per day.
My 300k page gets 1000 followers daily BUT it also gets 700 unfollows daily (you can see that on creator account). On private you will most likely notice only the requests not the unfollows.


how to find shoutouts network ?

Could you give me more information on that software? Please.