India twitter accounts

I am looking for Indian twitter accounts with 1000 followers.

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What’s your budget?I have a NSFW and a semi personal,inactive one made in 2018 can sell with the original email with the right price

ok can u share there links i will buy them if i like

are you there please share

Sorry,was in class

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no i thought u are going to send me indian account

bro,have you looked at the followers?They are 70%-90% indian,just go look and you’ll tell me…the account name used to be DesiAunty i just changed name and profile because i want to grow it to american followers now

-I also grow followers if you don’t like it i can sell you followers and grow your own account

ok i if u can grow followers and retweets i have a big work for you

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u can earn daily i have many clients

Yes,i do followers,likes,retwees and video views/impressions

you can just give me the service you want,name of the account i send you the pricing and we can even start today my friend

yes right now i want retweets and likes and this is for testing i want retweets and likes from only european audience and they also should be real is that okay for you? give me 100 european audience retweets and 100 european likes

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