Insane Targeted (Niche) Social Engagment - Full Social Media 30 Day Campaigns

Service type: 30 Day Full Social Media Campaign
Price: $3k-15k per month


Hi there! In the last few months alone my startup company has gained over a million active social users from targeted niches on Tik Tok and we are growing rapidly. Right now we are taking on a handful of pilot clients for full 30 day social campaigns that cover Tik Tok, Instagram, YT or any social platform of your choice.

The campaign includes influencer promotions from dozens of influencers in your niche, thousands of likes, comments, story shares, Tik Tok Challenges, Spotify Streams, online reviews, you name it.

There is no engagement pods used here. Only active social users from your niche who are currently getting good engagement.

Our service starts at $5k per month, most of our clients are small businesses and entertainers who are doing $10-15k a month packages. For SWAPD, I am doing a 30 day deal on our first campaign package for $3,000 instead of $5k.

For anyone interested, (Social Media Managers or Agencies, celebs or brand owners) This service is a game changer. Engagement is non stop for 30 days, and all coming from people and potential customers that matter. If you have clients that pay you for social media marketing, this is your secret weapon to make sure they raise their budgets!

Since the world has plagued social media with fake bots, I am willing to give one day trial campaigns to you to see we are the real deal. However these trials cost me money, so I will want to know you are are serious about running monthly campaigns or at least have a client who will want the service.

Examples of some Targeted Niches Available:

Food (Restaurants/Food Brands)
MUSIC (Rnb/Rap/Pop/Country/etc.)
Local Business
Concert Promotions
Mobile Apps
Retail Fashion (Females 13-30)
and many more!!

PM or comment if you’d be interested in a trial.


  1. Limited to one platform per campaign or all three at once?
  2. What exactly are we getting from said influencers? Are they making videos promoting our sties or only posts or what?
  3. How many influencers per $5k order?
  4. Maximum clients per month you can take?
  5. Maximum order is $15k? How many influencers for that?
  6. Can we choose multiple niches in one minimum order?
  7. Can we choose male v. female audience or influencers?
  8. Can we see a few accounts the promos are coming from?