Insntagram New Update on Banned Profiles?

Has anyone noticed ?

Instagram profiles previously banned usually had “Content Unavailable”
Since today they have been showing this page “Page Not Found”

Which usually used to be profiles that were permanently disabled and removed from IG server.

Sellers like @Thanos who actively unban profiles on Swapd can through some light to this ?
Has all Disabled profiles on Instagram been wiped out of IG servers ?

Send me the banned @ i’ll check

With new bans, usually but not always after 6 months the account gets completely deleted and when you try to login it will say username not found / incorrect password

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Yes but profiles that were hacked or disabled past week seems to show “Page not found”.

maybe hacker changed name and disabled lol

Normal disabled accounts too showing same error

i got new issues too lol

Clear cache and try again

same only this account have this issues lol