Instagram Account 101K

Country of followers (majority): India/USA
Amount of followers: 101K
Topic/Niche: Pornstar (retired one)
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Full Organic.

Description: Ready for AUDIT. Account has made $120 with three 24 hour storys through swipe ups/affiliate marketing.
Daily Profit: minimum $20, comes with a website if you prefer the affiliate market I’m in, as they are better markets out there than the one I’ve chosen.
Story views: 30,000.
Account Engagement 10%.
Grows on daily basis.

What’s account name and site url

Bump , buy an Instagram today! Instagram > Facebook :muscle:

Currently sitting at 103K+. The account does not post affiliate links to generate money from the moment it has been on sale. No spam, nor abuse has been made to make profit from both ends. (as many do)
Account is in perfect condition with active following, can provide tons of information about the account in general.
Can provide 24hr story profit, story activity (up to 20k REPLIES on QUESTIONS asked).

Pure quality, top notch account, rare handle in the Instagram business. Even curious people can send me a message with no intention to buy, as the account itself will change your mind!


-800$ DISCOUNT!!

Price reduced to 1,200$ and swapd fees on you, this sale will last only 2 days!

105K followers (2,5k+ per week), 2nd USA, daily profit $20 - $40 in 24 hour story with swipe up link (affiliate marketing). Website will be provided with the IG account.

Huge sale, serious buyers only.

Can you DM me @handle?

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