Instagram account don’t grow

I have an 16.7 Instagram account, everything was ok until I had 2 story deleted and 4-5 post because of the community guidelines.

Basically from November 2019 the account don’t grow anymore, I’ve posted constantly on it, I’ve done hashtags reasearch and nothing, it’s so frustrating because I’ve spend so much time on this account I’ve done everything that I knew but still not growing…

Anyone know what could be the problem, what I could do, should I give up on the account?

Hey. Sorry this is happening to you.

Could you PM me your handle ? So I can take a look.

Sometimes , your Account is marked as spam which limits your reach and your posts doesn’t rank for Hashtags ( some people call it a Shadow ban) .

Instagram Algorithm do this very often. If it’s happening since November 2019, that’s quite odd. I have faced similar problems in past and know it’s quite frustrating.

Looking forward to your message and we’ll sough this out somehow so you don’t have to give up on this handle :smile:

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Can you fix a limited reach ban on my account with 187k followers ?