Instagram account for sale

Country of followers: USA
Amount of followers: 47.2k
Topic/Niche: memes and entertainment
Does it include the OG email?: No
Promotion methods used?: Organic
Description: Real organic followers and good engagement

You should upload the screenshots with percentages visible.


Pm please

Hey @Moderators, shouldn’t this be tagged as “US” not “INT”?

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Sorry! It was probably noob @yair who did that.

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Was using him as an excuse the only
reason for a promotion?

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I checked, surprisingly @Goofy is a bigger noob than @Yair!


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Lmao @Goofy sucks


Link and price

Message me

link please

handle pls


PM username please

username please

Is @Goofy the new @Yair?

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I mean… He is pretty goofy…

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pls no!!!

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