Instagram accounts - email not found, what to do?

Hi guys, i used to grow instagram accounts like 3 years before with follow/unfollow in various niches. And I stopped it like 2 years before, and no when i checked my spreadsheet file and tried to login into few accounts, its like 40 out of 70 accounts are with “email not existing” when i type them into forgot password field. So im wondering did my accounts get banned or deleted permantley?? Because what is even worse is that the emails on all of them are yahoo, so yahoo clears all the messages if you didnt use it for more than 12 months - so i cant find any welcoming or other email.

And i’m 100% sure these emails are original, but somehow not existing on IG. I tried to ask for a help recap services which are unbanning ig accounts, but they told me that they wont be able to help me if i my original email is not existing anymore…

Maybe someone could still help me? I will ofc pay for that! Let me know!

Are you still able to see the accounts on Instagram or are their profiles not accessible? You can try recovering the accounts with OGE to see what happens.